Learning Objectives & Outcome:

  • Know the key Skills required for quality patient service
  • Understand the characteristics of patient service person
  • Plan a positive communication process
  • Exercise avoiding negative words
  • Acquire positive nonverbal communication
  • Learn about the steps of good listener
  • Use empathy while communicating with patients
  • Follow basic telephone etiquettes.


Course Highlight:

  • Customer Services Vs Delight
  • Who are service winners?
  • Know your patient’s needs & expectations
  • Excellent Verbal Communication with Patients
  • Non-Verbal Communication with Patients
  • Positive & Negative Communication Behavior
  • Patient Focused Behavior
  • Basic Telephone Etiquettes


Who should attend?

  • Patient facing staff, nurses, doctors, customer service etc..


Course Duration

  • 1 day course (customizable according to the need)