“Since its inception, RPM has placed all its focus on high-end health solutions. Being one of the largest healthcare groups in the UAE, RPM provides comprehensive patient management services in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Having developed comprehensive solutions and healthcare systems, we strive to leverage and constantly build the reputation that VPS Healthcare upholds excellence across the region. It is against this backdrop that we are increasingly recognized as a trusted and reliable healthcare partner for the oil and gas industry, construction companies, and chemical facilities. The confidence of our healthcare partners enables us to serve with motivation and sincerity. Our actions have been directed to advance RPM in its medical journey and cater to the needs of our clients and partners. Since our inception in 2010, we have quickly grown and now operate out of strategic locations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Our portfolio of services has also expanded and we are now one of the region’s leading medical staffing organizations and have the largest private fleets of ambulances in Abu Dhabi as well as the acquisition of the country’s leading medical and non-medical training center Health Tech Training Center. Working closely with the team, we are working towards achieving a well-rounded, innovative system aligned with UAE’s medical goals. We intend providing the much required medical and soft skill trainings before deployment itself to various key clients. Our vision is to meet the continuing demand for training, given its mandatory medical license renewal requirements for employees. The aim of this acquisition is to expand services in a cost-effective manner into the training sector and add it to our list of services.”