Accident & Incident Investigation and Reporting Training

Course Objective:

The aim of this course is to familiarize participants to identify Accident & Incidents. The course provides knowledge and understanding of methods/tools for investigation of Accident & Incidents, related documentation requirements. It will highlight the roles and responsibility of involved personnel and to take proper corrective/preventive actions relevant to Accident & Incidents.

Course Highlights:

  • Understand what is incident and what is accident
  • Understand the importance of Accident & Incidents
  • Understand the methods to identify Accident & Incidents
  • Understand the methods/tools to apply for investigation of Accident & Incidents
  • Understand the documentation requirements related to the above
  • Understand the role of staff(s) in relevant to the above
  • Understand how to take appropriate corrective/preventive actions relevant to Accident & Incident.

Who Should Attend?

All level of management involved in project execution, project engineer and safety officer who are involved in the Health and Safety activity (especially in accidents/ incidents investigation) in the organization and all levels of management who are interested to learn on accidents/incidents investigation.

Certificate Validity:


Course Duration:

8 hours